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Best Rates in all of California

White water rafting trips on Cache Creek. Imagine yourself rafting through a remote volcanic canyon in California. We are the closest whitewater to the Bay Area, just two hours. 2-Day trips $149 all meals included. 1-Day trips $59 lunch included.

The Upper Cache Creek is a class 3 whitewater run through a volcanic canyon accessible only by water. You’ll sense solitude and serenity as you guide your own raft through this remote volcanic canyon river. Enjoy the Cache Creek the way it was 300 years ago when the Native Americans fished from its banks and camped along side its river.

Come to Upper Cache Creek in Northern California, a whitewater rafting run through the wild country where tule elk roam the canyons and bald eagles soar. Upper Cache Creek is a river that defies description for its canyons and mountains almost overwhelm the senses with their sheer beauty.

Being the oldest originally owned outfitter on the Cache Creek, with over 30 years of river running experience and the only company to use top of the line self-bailing rafts, with your choice of 2, 3, 4, or 5 man rafts, we ensure you a most unique and memorable whitewater vacation.

Bring your sweetheart, family or company for a white water adventure through the wilderness. Enjoy the wildlife during the day and gourmet campfire cuisine served in a tiki torch setting overlooking the river at night. Evenings at our riverside camps are enchanting and starlit with nothing but the whisper of the water to lull you to sleep.

Our Northern California whitewater rafting trips on Upper Cache Creek are enjoyed by the experienced and newcomers alike. You'll sense solitude and serenity as the river sends you down stream. Come join us!