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Our goal from the very beginning of Whitewater Adventures has been to make our trips affordable so that even a kid with a paper route could afford a wilderness whitewater experience. We are not some major corporation that only cares about their bottom dollar. We are a company that treats our guests like they are our family. We believe that there is nothing better to do on this earth than to traverse through a timeless canyon while enjoying adrenaline pumping rapids. We are the oldest and most popular original outfitter on the Upper Cache Creek, and one of the most reputable whitewater rafting companies in California, since 1984. We have over 35 years of river running experience.  We’ll ensure that you have one of the most unique and memorable whitewater vacations of a lifetime.

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At Whitewater Adventures, we strive to provide all of our guests with an incredibly exciting and fun rafting experience. We are committed to providing the highest level of service to our rafters. Our main goal is to keep you smiling from the time you enter our parking lot until the time your trip ends with us and beyond. Our goal is to make you feel like you did when you were 6 years old and it was your first visit to a campground.



We are committed to the stewardship of the scenic and wild Cache Creek and The Snow Mountain National Park. Our motto is “Leave No Trace”.  We have a deep commitment to the environment and the wildlife that calls Cache Creek their home. As the original and oldest outfitter on Upper Cache Creek, we have a passion and commitment to seeing this beautiful piece of nature left unspoiled, and we share that passion and commitment with our rafters.  Our motto when it comes to the environment is, “Leave only footprints, and take only photos.”