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No Trips Available for 2022 - Start Planning for 2023 Now!

Whitewater Adventures

Whitewater Rafting on Upper Cache Creek
Located in Snow Mountain National Monument Park
1 Mile Past Rumsey, CA

Best Rafting Rates in California since 1984
Closest Whitewater to the Bay Area and Sacramento

We are so sorry to announce that the 2022 rafting season has been cancelled. If you’ve ever been on our trips then you know all about low-water bridge. The state of California is currently constructing a new bridge, which means you won’t have to walk your boat across the river anymore. We’re excited to have you all back with us in 2023!

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Don't forget to check back soon and book early for the 2023 rafting season!

Every Saturday/Sunday
June 18/19  25/26
July 2/3  9/10  16/17  23/24  30/31
August 6/7  13/14

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Our Story:

Our goal from the very beginning of Whitewater Adventures has been to make our trips affordable so that even a kid with a paper route could afford a wilderness whitewater experience. We are not some major corporation that only cares about their bottom dollar. We are a company that treats our guests like they are our family. We believe that there is nothing better to do on this earth than to traverse through a timeless canyon while enjoying adrenaline pumping rapids. We are the oldest and most popular original outfitter on the Upper Cache Creek, and one of the most reputable whitewater rafting companies in California, since 1984. We have over 35 years of river running experience.  We’ll ensure that you have one of the most unique and memorable whitewater vacations of a lifetime. 

Commitment to our rafters:

At Whitewater Adventures, we strive to provide all of our guests with an incredibly exciting and fun rafting experience. We are committed to providing the highest level of service to our rafters. Our main goal is to keep you smiling from the time you enter our parking lot until the time your trip ends with us and beyond. Our goal is to make you feel like you did when you were 6 years old and it was your first time at camp.

Commitment to the Planet:

We are committed to the stewardship of the scenic and wild Cache Creek and The Snow Mountain National Park. Our motto is “Leave No Trace”.  We have a deep commitment to the environment and the wildlife that calls Cache Creek their home. As the original and oldest outfitter on Upper Cache Creek, we have a passion and commitment to seeing this beautiful piece of nature left unspoiled, and we share that passion and commitment with our rafters.  Our motto when it comes to the environment is, “Leave only footprints, and take only photos.”

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Reviews and Testimonials

The best vacation I've taken!

As a girl that has prefers hotels and has never gone whitewater rafting I was totally scared! But this is by far the best vacation I've taken! If you can, definitely do the Friday night camping before, it's amazing watching a movie under the stars and just that extra night of great food and camping before you hit the water is so worth it! The staff was absolutely amazing! If you gather some of your best buds and take this trip, I guarantee it will become an annual trip you will treasure!

– Deanna V., Yelp
San Francisco Chronicle

Get ready for the no-fuss, all-fun, laugh-til-you-drop, adrenaline-pumping time of your life raft trip in one of the most spectacular volcanic canyons California has to offer. Here are the requirements for having a good time on your next weekend outing: The trip must be unique, exciting, primarily do-it-yourself (with some help), not too far from home, not too expensive - and you must be able to share it with any of your buddies, whether it’s your mate, kid or lifetime pal. Not many adventures can fill those demands, but rafting Upper Cache Creek is one that does. No experience necessary.

– Tom Stienstra
We love White Water Adventures!

We love White Water Adventures! This year will be our third year rafting with them and it has definitely turned into a summer tradition for our family and friends, each year our group has gotten bigger. All of the employees are a huge reason we go back. They do all the hard work of cooking and loading and unloading gear to make our time much more enjoyable. Whether you are an experienced rafter or a new comer, you are guaranteed to have an unforgettable time at Whitewater Adventures!

– Jessica C., Yelp
Excellent Adventure

I have been coming every year since 1997 and every year it's a great adventure.. We usually go in the middle of summer so there is plenty of sun and water. The rapids are fun and safe... The workers are all so friend and hard working.The overnight includes food, fun,dance party, clean bathrooms... great camping grounds.. You can also do a day trip which is just as fun.It's an experience you don't want to miss... Mark runs a great weekend of Adventure..Looking forward to seeing you next year

– Dana V., TripAdvisor
It's like an adult summer camp!

This place is soooo fun! It's like a adult summer camp the way the food and everything is so organized it's great for families too! The staff is so nice and energetic and the owner mark is beyond funny. This was the third year our group went the first year we had 12 ppl this year we had 20!! Can't wait for next year!! I have to say to they feed you good the potatoes they serve are huge! Lol thanks for the new memories! Got to hang out with Stephanie at the end she's a staff member and she was so sweet and nice to talk to.

– Christina A., Yelp
So Much Fun!!!

I went on my very first rafting trip here and I had a blast! I did a 2 day trip and got the Friday night camping as well. It was really relaxed Friday night and that made it easy to get up and get ready to raft on Saturday! Being a first time rafter, I was really nervous but as soon as I started rafting all my nerves went away! Everyone is so friendly too! The staff is really amazing and accommodating, they all seem like they're happy to be there and will offer help if you need it! Whitewater Adventures is definitely going to be a staple in my summer from here on out.

– Kyle D., TripAdvisor