Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What time should I arrive for my rafting trip?

    • Your arrival time will be sent to you or your group organizer one week prior to your trip. It will be a specific time generally between 8 and 10 a.m. If you have not received your meeting time one week prior to your trip, please email the office at [email protected] If you miss your specific meeting time, you may not be able to raft and you will not be refunded. Please arrive on time.

    How long are we going to be on the river each day?

    • It usually takes our rafters anywhere between 4-6 hours to raft the first day and about the same amount of time on the second day.

    What time does the trip end on Sunday?

    • The typical ending time for most rafters is 2 p.m. on Sunday. Our lovely river guides will be there to help you out of your raft and back to the campsite, where you can pack up and board the buses back to the group parking lot. Trip photos, T-shirts, sweatshirts and trip gift certificates will be available for you to purchase in the group parking lot as well.
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  • What food can I expect?


    • You have a choice of mesquite grilled NY steak, humanely raised chicken breast, or a garden burger, with giant one-pound Idaho baked potato, sweet corn on the cob, pasta, artichoke hearts, fresh sourdough bread, shrimp cocktail, spinach dip, guacamole and chips, also a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, cheese and tons of appetizers all served under the stars.


    • A riverside picnic: Turkey or ham, jack and cheddar cheese, fresh sourdough bread and chips.


    • Our breakfast is a three-course masterpiece with fresh ranch scrambled eggs, ham, country potatoes, flour tortillas and salsa. Also, granola, fresh strawberries, cantaloupe, watermelon, apples, rolls, and pastries with juice, coffee, hot cocoa, tea, apple cider, and milk.

    Do you have vegetarian options for meals?

    • Yes! For our vegetarian guests, we provide the option of having a garden burger for dinner, and a jack or cheddar cheese sandwich for lunch. Plus, we have TONS of appetizers, snacks and breakfast items that are vegetarian-friendly. To all our vegetarian guests – we will feed you well!
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  • What is this “Dance Party” that I keep hearing about?

    • After dinner at the campsite, the Whitewater Adventures crew throws a black light dance party under the stars! A large dance floor and stage by the river serves as the backdrop and popular top 40s tunes fill the air as our rafters get down and dance the night away – until 10:30 p.m., at which point it’s lights out.

    What if I just want to camp, but don’t want to raft?

    • That’s perfectly OK with us. Unfortunately, the price will still be the same as if you do raft, so you should definitely consider giving it a shot. You’ll have a blast!

    Are there hotels in the area?

    • There are several hotels located in Vacaville, which is one hour’s drive time from our meeting location. Refer to the Vacaville Chamber of Commerce for a listing of hotels in the area. Their phone number is (707) 448-6424. Cache Creek Casino and several B&Bs are also located in the nearby area.
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  • What temperature is the water?

    Averages June July August
    Air 91° F 96° F 96° F
    Water Not Cold Not Cold Not Cold


    Do you have to know how to swim?

    • No. We have people all the time who raft with us and don’t know how to swim. Your life jacket will keep you secure and afloat at all times. However, you should feel comfortable in and around water.

    Is there a weight limit?

    • Our weight limit is approximately 300 lbs depending on the girth of the individual – the life jackets fit 58″ around. This is due to life jacket regulations.

    How old do you have to be to raft?

    • We require our rafters to be at least 11 years old and to weigh at least 75 lbs.

    What Class is the section of river that we will be rafting?

    • The section of the Upper Cache Creek that we run is rated Class III with some sections that are Class II. This river is ideal for beginners. No experience is necessary to run this river.

    What kinds of wildlife am I likely to see on this rafting trip?

    • The Upper Cache plays host to myriad beautiful and majestic wildlife species. As you make your way down the river you may see black-tailed deer, Tule elk, river otters, turtles, egrets, herons, and a variety of other shorebirds.  Red-tailed hawks, osprey, falcons, golden and bald eagles soar high above the canyon walls.  Keep a close eye out for the resident bald eagle that is regularly seen perched just north of the Mother Rapid.

    What kinds of rafts do you have?

    • We have rafts for 2, 3, 4, and 5-person groups. We have 2-man, self-bailing and top-of-the-line inflatable kayaks as well.

    How much experience do you need to raft this river?

    • No experience is necessary to raft the Upper Cache. This river is ideal for beginners. Prior to rafting all of our rafters are put through a detailed orientation led by our trip leaders. The rafts are easy to maneuver and user-friendly.
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  • Can we book a special event?

    • Absolutely! To book a special event, wedding, corporate team building, swift water rescue, outdoor seminar/workshop, or any other outdoor-themed event, please contact our special events planner, Irene, at 1 (800) 977-4837.

    Where are you located?

    • We are located about 2 hours north of the Bay Area. We’re located in the remote Colusa Mountain range, in a volcanic canyon. Upper Cache is right off of Highway 16. Our parking lot is just a few miles past the town of Rumsey. You can find it on your preferred map app by entering “Rumsey, CA” into the destination field, or you can visit our Contact Info page.
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    Please leave all valuables at home. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen gear.
    Limit 1 sleeping bag and 1 gear bag per person.
    All your gear will be transported to the campsite by cargo buses.


    Please Pack The Following:

    • Driver’s license or other form of ID to camp for trip confirmation
    • Sleeping bag – one per person, label with colorful tape
    • Large duffel bag for all your clothes & gear – one per person, label with colorful tape
    • Tent – label with colorful tape
    • Air mattress/thin foam pad for ground
    • One change of clothes
    • Swimwear/shorts
    • Basic rafting attire can consist of shorts, t-shirts, tennis shoes or Tevas
    • Tennis shoes that lace tightly, or rugged sandals with secure straps like Tevas for rafting. This is very important!
    • You will not be able to raft with bare feet, flip flops, sandals or high heels
    • Small plastic ice chest with drinks and ice for your raft ride & lunch for both days
    • You must provide plenty of water for two days for your raft ride & for your lunches (lunch is provided both days)
    • Lots of beverages, Gatorade, BOTTLED WATER, sports drinks. Try to avoid soft drinks
    • Loud Hawaiian attire for dinner feast
    • Board games, cards, dice, checkers, chess, etc.
    • Dry shoes for around campsite
    • White clothing for 100,000-watt black light disco party
    • Hat and sunglasses with strap
    • Disposable waterproof camera
    • Sunscreen and towel for camp
    • Flashlight
    • Friday night campers: Please bring plenty of extra ice to restock your rafting ice chest for Saturday and Sunday.

    Please, NO alcohol while rafting. Booze and rapids do not mix!

    We rarely cancel trips because of weather. If it looks like rain, please bring a windbreaker, wool sweater, wool caps, and wool socks and/or rent a wet suit from your local dive shop. No cotton clothing.


    • Radios/iPods/amplified music
    • Styrofoam ice chests
  • Chevron down What to bring - 1-day trip
    • Plenty of drinking water for your rafting trip and a small ice chest
    • Swimwear/shorts
    • Laced tennis shoes or Tevas for rafting. You will not be able to raft with unacceptable footwear such as thongs or bare feet – they must be laced shoes
    • Disposable waterproof camera
    • Hat, sunscreen, sunglasses with a head strap
    • Small plastic ice chest with plenty of water and ice for your raft ride
    • Change of clothes and towel for the ride home
    • If it looks like rain, bring wool socks, a wool sweater, wool cap, and rent a wetsuit from your local dive shop. It rarely rains in the summer but if it does, you’ll be ready to go.
    • Please NO alcohol on the river, booze and rapids do not mix!


    • Radios/iPods/amplified music
    • Glass bottles/beer bongs
    • Styrofoam ice chests

Still have questions? Reach out!